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2008 MLB Predictions

Everyone else is doing it, so here goes my shot...

AL East

1. New York: They have the best offense in the AL and their pitching and defense will be much improved from last year.
2. Boston: They have more holes than the Yanks and less options when stuff goes wrong. Ramirez, Varitek, Lowell will be disappointments. Still good enough to win the wild card.
3. Tampa Bay: Assuming than Longoria will be up in mid-May, they will catch and pass the Jays in their first ever winning season.
4. Toronto: Their good pitchers get hurt too often and the others aren't as good as they showed last year. Their offense is too old too.
5. Baltimore: The worst team in the AL. The outfield is ok, but the rest of the team is not. They should trade Roberts for some prospects.

AL Central

1. Detroit: The offense will be great, but the bullpen scares me, but Leyland is one of the best managers around. He'll get the most out of that unit.
2. Cleveland: I don't get why they didn't find a way to improve at one of the infield or outfield corners. They are hoping too much on a bounceback from Hafner.
3. Kansas City: If not for the Rays, KC would be the feel good story of the summer. They'll flirt with a winning record.
4. Chicago: The offense will be better, but still not very good and the pitching will be worse. Starting Crede instead of Fields is a bad sign.
5. Minnesota: The pitching won't be terrible, but they won't score much. They should have gotten more for Santana.

AL West

1. Angels: Despite the injuries to their pitching and the glut of outfielders they are still the best in the division and their farm system is one of the best.
2. Oakland: They won't challenge, but won't be the total disaster everyone is expecting. 80 wins are a possibility.
3. Seattle: Bedard and Hernandez are nice, but the offense is completely dysfunctional. Is there a team that could really use Bonds, this is it.
4. Texas: By far, the best last place team in baseball. Good offense, bad pitching. What else is new?

Wild card: Boston

NL East

1. New York: Santana saves this top heavy team. However, old age will catch up to them and another collapse would not be too far fetched.
2. Atlanta: The rotation is not quite ready... the Mets better hurry up and win now because these Braves are about to start a new run.
3. Philadelphia: They used up a lot of luck last year, so this year the pitching has to be better. Myers and Hammels will be good, but there's no one after them.
4. Washington: The new park will make fans forgive how bad the team's pitching is going to be, but at least the offense will be decent.
5. Florida: The pitching is bad, in front of that defense it could be historically so. Replacing Cabrera with an even worse fielder seemed impossible but they found Cantu.

NL Central

1. Chicago: The most complete team in the weakest division. Finding a better SS than Theriot would help even more.
2. Milwaukee: Love the offense, but the defense won't be good enough, and that will hurt their young pitchers. They'll be better next year.
3. Cincinnati: Giving Dusty Baker control over so many young prospects is like giving a teenager the keys to a Porsche. It won't end well.
4. Houston: Someone please explain to me what this team is trying to do? I see the NL version of Baltimore coming up.
5. Pittsburgh: The young pitchers will keep them in games even if the offense can put them over the top. Tons of 4-3 loses.
6. St. Louis: LaRussa is a good manager when he has the horses, but when he doesn't, like this year, it will be real bad.

NL West

1. Los Angeles: Now that Torre apparently will go with as little Pierre as possible and field their best possible lineup, they'll win the division.
2. Arizona: Last year's mirage (more runs allowed than scored) shows this is not a solid team. That offense has too little firepower.
3. Colorado: Their pitched over their heads last year, expect a typical Coors staff this year.
4. San Diego: Too many holes in this team, the park and their top pitchers will keep them on games, but the offense is weak.
5. San Francisco: Some teams AAA affiliate have better offenses. Lincecum and Cain will keep them from losing 100 games.

Wild Card: Arizona

AL Champs: Detroit over New York
NL Champs: New York over Chicago

World Series: New York Mets, hard to bet against Santana in a short series

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez, he won't be as good as last year, but still the best in the AL.
AL CY: Josh Beckett, he'll lead the league in wins, and that's usually all that matters
AL ROY: Jacoby Ellsbury: memories of the 2007 post season will get him the award.

NL MVP: David Wright: will be the main reason why the Mets win the division.
NL CY: Santana (put me down for this in 2009, 2010, etc.)
NL ROY: Kosuke Fukudome, a much more polished product than your typical rookie.
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