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Posted on: March 6, 2008 1:02 am
Edited on: March 6, 2008 11:49 am

Spring Training, Cactus League Style

So I'm spending a few days in Arizona and catching some Cactus League action. Today I was at the San Diego vs Oakland game and here are some observations:
  • This early in the season, pitchers don't go very long into games and that's understandable, but there are lots of batters that are way deep in the depth chart that are getting playing time.
  • Randy Wolf started the game for San Diego. He warming up right in front of us and he seemed extremely wild. I said that he wouldn't get out of the first inning. He lasted 2/3 of an inning and allowed 4 runs. Not even Petco Park makes him someone you will want to have on your fantasy team.
  • Chase Headley (right) played left for the Padres. He didn't look particularly good out there but he seemed to have a lot of difficult plays to deal with. He did have an assist. I doubt he'll make the team out of spring training, but he should be in the majors sometime in 2008.
  • Jody Gerut started for San Diego at 2B. If you failed to stick as a Royal and a Pirate, shouldn't that be a sign that you should look for alternate forms of employment?
  • From the wow, he's still around department: Shawn Estes was brought in to pitch the 3rd for the Padres. He also failed to get out of the inning.
  • Mike Sweeney looked real good at the plate for Oakland. He also managed to play for 5 innings without injuring himself.
  • Justin Germano pitched 3 innings for the Pads... he looked real good in the first two, only allowing a long double to Mike Sweeney,. but in his third inning, he was beaten up by a series of A's that no one's ever heard off.
  • Lenny DiNardo started for Oakland. Compared to the losers the Padres threw out there he looked like a Cy Young contender.
  • Bobby Crosby also managed to play half a game without getting hurt.
  • Oakland has most of their starting lineup in the game. Eric Chavez being the one notable exception. I don't see how this team will not finish last in the division.
  • The weather in Phoenix was absolutely perfect. 70 degrees, clear, deep blue sky, no humidity. You just can't beat that.
  • Hudson Street came in to pitch the 7th and gave up a homer to Edgar Gonzalez. No, not the pitcher for the Diamondbacks of the same name. The Padres have an infielder with the same name.
  • In addition to the adventures of Chase Headley in left, Kevin Kouzmanoff (right) had a bad day at third base. He just didn't seem to be very mobile at all. He didn't get charged with any errors but there were at least three plays that he could have made. Mayeb he should be moved to left and keep Headley at 3B.
  • Kouzmanoff looking better at the plate than at 3BMatt Antonelli made a cameo appearance for the Pads at 2B. While he probably won't be in the majors this year, look for him to a ROY candidate in 2009.
  • Dallas Braden also pitched for Oakland and was reasonable effective. He's not as bad as he was last year, and he may find himself in Oakland's starting rotation this year.
  • Oh and yes, there was a final score... i think it was 15-4 Oakland, but if Bud Black is not going to care (given his choice of pitchers), why should the rest of us.
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